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Our Approach

Customized Solutions:

A hallmark of the financial planning performed at Barrons Financial Advisory Service Ltd. is its flexibility in addressing all of your unique objectives and circumstances. Every comprehensive plan is customized to accommodate the various considerations that occur throughout the cycles of your financial life. The integrity of data reconciliation and plan assembly exceeds that available in any over-the-counter solution and calls into action the input of our multiple professionals.

Our client relationships begin with a detailed review of their current situation and objectives. We then agree upon a course of action, which is in turn implemented in concert with our trusted network of professionals. Our ongoing communication means that clients receive regular ongoing reviews which help to ensure that we adapt to changing client circumstances.

Insurance Planning:

Barrons realizes catastrophic events do happen and can have a devastating impact not only on the client’s personal life, but their financial life as well. We develop sensible risk management plans using various types of insurance to meet your specific needs.

Estate Planning:

Estate planning is primarily concerned with designing a program for the effective management, enjoyment, and disposition of wealth at the least possible cost. Barrons believes an estate should be planned so the family and others for whom the individual cares for most receive the greatest possible beneficial enjoyment from what he or she owns. We concentrate on human objectives so we can continually meet your changing estate planning needs.

Business Services:

Adequate business planning is important to any business owner. Barrons utilizes its expertise in business planning to develop unique business plans for owners of small and mid-size businesses. Whether seeking advice on how to tax-efficiently transfer a business, looking for a seller or buyer for a business, or desire help with the tax-efficient handling of assets from the sale of a business, Barrons is capable of finding a solution that is right for each client’s situation.

Financial Planning:

Barrons develops customized, comprehensive financial plans sensitive to our clients’ specific objectives, constraints and personal make-up. We strive to address every issue and situation that might impact your personal financial status and work to develop detailed solutions to meet our clients’ financial objectives.

Retirement Planning:

Every phase of life has its own special financial needs and opportunities. As you and your funds mature, Barrons strives to protect assets and provide for continued growth of those assets. During retirement it is critical to monitor the implications of taxes and inflation regarding the distribution of your income. Barrons works with retirees to ensure and maintain the capital base to enjoy retirement as they see fit.